What your teenage girl can expect at her first gynecology visit

What should you have in your pantry to prepare healthy meals?

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Is palliative care right for you or a loved one?

My mom or dad has arthritis. Does that mean I'll get arthritis too?

What's the deal with gluten and should you avoid it?

One simple recipe and a little cooking savvy create healthy sides for your holiday table

Living with allergies? Help is available.

What do you need to know about lung cancer?

Why it’s important to find the right OB

Do shorter days impact your physical and mental health?

What do you need to know about breast cancer?

Is there a healthy way to cope with major life changes?

If you have chronic pain, is it treatable?

Fertility treatment brings three babies, but four blessings

Why should you ask your doctor about prostate screening?

Ridgeview team saves new mother

‘It’s time for a serious talk about HPV—the most common sexually transmitted disease’

'Grandma fell last weekend and broke her hip!'

Speaking from experience: Breastfeeding advice for new moms

The 'ins and outs' of tonsil stones: What to know and do about them

How do I find out what immunizations my child needs?

When is it the right time for bariatric surgery?

Coughing, laughing or sneezing shouldn't cause peeing.

The cruel coincidence when perimenopause and puberty collide

Take steps to prevent lyme disease this summer

What's the best way to manage low back pain?

How do you have a conversation with your teen about his or her sexual health?

Stay safe on your outdoor adventures this summer with these simple tips from a Ridgeview provider

When detected early, skin cancer is almost always curable

A physician's opinion: Why are vaccines - including for measles- important?

How to remove a fish hook from your finger.

What works best for relieving sore muscle knots?

'I have hope for the future' - Treat chronic pain with help from Ridgeview's Spine & Pain Center

Sports Specialization – What’s all the hype?

A patient's story: Baby Miles was in the right place at the right time

How does immunotherapy work?

Why do you need a colonoscopy?

Clinical trials for cancer patients: What are they and who can participate?

Have you or your loved one had a serious fall? Follow these six tips to prevent it from happening again.

Try these fun and easy ways to help your child develop language skills

Are you getting enough calcium and vitamin D as you age?

If I told you I love hospital food, would you still respect me as a cook?

Heart A-Flutter: Is it true love or time to see a cardiologist?

Follow these tips to avoid back injuries this winter

Avoid frostbite during extreme cold temperatures this week

What to do if you receive a cancer diagnosis

Are over-the-counter sleep aids effective? When should you see your provider?

Does shoveling snow increase the risk of heart attacks?

Let this New Year be your time to quit tobacco.

When should you see a provider to treat your warts?

How to stay safe while active outdoors in the Minnesota winter

If you have a family history of colon cancer, get screened

It's all in the family: Why your family's genetic history matters to you and your physician

Here’s what it looks like to practice gratitude

Where can you turn when you need help with grief?

The anxiety effect: Why do I feel this way?

Eight reasons to volunteer

Your child has lice. What should you do?

Why do I feel unsteady on my feet?

When you should begin screening for breast cancer

Physical Therapy: How can it help you?

Advice from a podiatrist: Take care of your feet

What is chronic pain and how can it be treated?

You're not safe from Lyme disease quite yet

Six gynecologic cancers and how to avoid or detect them

Talking to my - and your - kids about vaping dangers

Be proactive: learn how to prevent falls

Three Common High School Athletic Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Schedule your child's immunizations before school starts

Not ready to return home? Next steps after a hospital stay

What is a Baseline ImPACT test and should my child have one?

Is my child suffering from depression?

How much Fortnite is too much Fortnite?

What are the benefits of exercise for cancer patients?

When should you be concerned about a suspicious mole?

Be mindful of summer's heat at play and at work

How much water do you need to avoid dehydration?

Make it summertime, not screen time

Six tips to protect your skin from sun exposure

When do you need to see a speech pathologist?

Who is at risk for Stroke?

Try these tips to reduce spring allergy symptoms

How do you know if you need a sleep study?

Volunteers make a difference every day at Ridgeview

Early intervention is important for children with Autism

Try 13 tips to beat stress

Kindness, compassion and intuition often influence others to join the health industry and return to Ridgeview

Why rest is best for concussion recovery

Treating teen acne: What works best?

Do you have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

What is a colonoscopy and when should you have one?

Follow these tips to prevent winter falls

Urgent Care vs. Emergency: What's the difference?

Men's health matters: Be proactive about your health and stay active

How to dress for cold weather in Minnesota

Men's health matters: Find a primary care provider

Men's health matters: Be proactive, schedule annual physicals

Avoid holiday weight gain with these 15 tips

Men's health matters: Know your numbers

Learn how to manage your holiday stress with these tips

Men's health matters: Schedule your colonoscopy

Don't wait. Create your Advance Care Plan today.

Eight easy steps to start meditating

At risk for diabetes? Take this test

Are you fueling your body correctly for exercise performance?

Are you making the most of your prescription coverage?

How can physical therapy help you?

When should you start screening for breast cancer?

Why is it important to receive a flu shot?

What is your thyroid and when should you be concerned about it?

Why you should try 'healthy' instead of 'natural' to improve your heart health

What do you need to know about hearing loss?

What do you need to know about prostate cancer?

When should you call an ambulance?

Are you limiting screen time for your child?

Is your child's backpack to heavy and causing injury?

Try these tips to help your children succeed in school

Is your child ready for school with the proper immunization requirements?

10 tips to a healthy heart

What exercises can help manage diabetes?

Learn how your DNA affects your prescriptions

Keep your kids safe during summer fun

What is torticollis and how is it treated?

How can you prevent injuries at work?

Try this workout at your desk to stay alert and pain-free

What is the difference between Alzheimer's and Dementia?

What's normal or abnormal for your joints as you age?

When should you be concerned about osteoporosis?

These are the top eight causes of hearing loss

Five stroke risk factors to discuss with your doctor

F.A.S.T. warning signs of stroke

Be aware of lasting symptoms from a concussion: They may require time and additional therapy to heal

Early detection is key to treating skin cancer

Early treatment is key to recovery for sport-related concussions

Take control of diabetes: Find your motivation to change

6 tips to help prevent throwing injuries

Can persistent pain be addressed with yoga?

Stay healthy during spring break with these travel tips

50 or older? Schedule your colonoscopy today

Save a life: Learn hands-only CPR

Dr. Laurie Townsend's top three tips for a healthy life

What is Heart Scan Calcium Scoring and how can it help you?

Know the signs of a heart attack: They are different for men and women

Do you know your numbers?

What is palliative care and when should it be considered?

How do you determine when your child needs to be seen by a specialist?

What is a midwife and how do I choose one?

When are the winter blues more than just the blues?

Nine noteworthy nutrition goals for the new year

The scale does not determine your worth

Can you make your holidays happy and conflict free?

Try these ideas to manage holiday stress

Six tips to help kids manage screen time

Try these five tips to stay fit through the winter

Three tips to help you enjoy cold weather outdoor activities this winter

15 holiday eating tips to avoid weight gain

Teenage acne: Top seven tips to prevent and treat

Seven steps to live a better life

Awareness is an important part of preventing and diagnosing diabetes

How do you treat dry skin during cold weather months?

Five tips to help you understand health insurance

It's time to prepare for winter illnesses again

10 steps to help your child succeed in school

Eight tips to help your busy family eat healthy

Prepare your family for the return of fall allergies

Is it possible to make a full recovery after tearing an ACL?

Five ways that screen time affects your child's development

Fuel your body to maximize perfomance, recovery and reduce injuries

Your guide to college health insurance in 2016

Try these 10 tips to get your child back on a regular sleep schedule for the school year.

What are the eight most important things you can do for your health?

Try setting successful outcomes to achieve weight loss.

Eating more homemade meals may reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes

Top reasons from a physician to schedule your child's annual physical

Seven tips to help reduce injury in youth sports

Living with cancer? Consider the STAR Program for help

Four tips to help you enjoy outdoor hikes this summer

Prevent unhealthy snacking in the evening by eating a protein-rich breakfast

Six frequently asked questions about strength training

Quality, not quantity, counts most in exercise and diet

Can yoga improve your mindful well-being?

Can yoga reduce lower back pain?

What are the benefits of practicing yoga?

Outdoor running: How to transition from the treadmill to the road

Learning to run again after taking time off

Creating a wellness plan you'll follow

I just sprained my ankle: Should I be concerned about re-injury?

Considering quitting tobacco? A group setting may be right for you.

Weight loss help: Ending the two-step shuffle

Metabolism and weight loss: How you burn calories

Nine fats to include in a healthy diet

How much sugar is too much sugar for kids?

Home Air Quality: How to avoid winter allergens and reduce colds

Winter sports safety: How to prepare for cold weather exercise

Understanding the negative effects of caffeine on the body

When to go to Urgent Care: What's urgent but not emergent?

Stay well: What to know about strep throat, norovirus, colds and the flu

What is the DASH Diet and how does it reduce your blood pressure?

What you need to know to prevent ear infections

Medical and health information presented here is intended to be general in nature, and should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice. Please consult with a health care professional for all matters relating to personal medical and health care issues. In case of an emergency, please call 911. 

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