How to remove a fish hook from your finger.

Posted by Deb Van Houtte, senior marketing specialist and blog contributor at Ridgeview on May 7, 2019 1:30:00 PM


It’s crazy how quickly something fun and exciting can turn oh-so bad. This picture makes me laugh now and I actually enjoy sharing it—just for the shock value—but I can tell you it wasn’t exactly funny at the time.

Two summers ago, I was enjoying a girls’ weekend at our cabin. After a lifetime of having absolutely no interest in fishing, it was the summer I actually learned to enjoy it. You see, I had found a “sweet spot” right off the north side of the dock near a large, dead tree that had fallen into the water. And when you’re repeatedly catching decent-sized bass and the occasional northern… well, fishing suddenly becomes fun. This particular weekend, I was excited to share the experience with my sister.

Here’s how quickly things went bad. 

One minute I’m on the phone with my husband, surveying his extensive collection of fishing rods and consulting with him to choose just the right rod and lure combination. That’s probably what took the most time. Then later, after my first cast off the dock—BAM—I had a nice bass on my line! My adrenaline was rushing. I was excited to show my sister and encourage her to cast a line herself. I yelled to her to come and see.

While working to release the fish, the tiniest little tip of the hook caught the surface of my finger. No worries, I thought. Then, the fish wiggled and slipped out of my hand. One cluster of treble hooks remained attached to the fish and the other was now lodged into my finger.

My daughter came to my rescue to cut the line and release the fish while my sister called my husband to get advice. I wasn’t feeling well—lightheaded, in fact—as I stared at the hook in my finger. I laid down on the dock. 

Not being present to actually see how deeply the hook was embedded, my husband’s first suggestion was, “Can you gently back the hook out or pull it through the skin?”


My “adventure” ended with a visit to an urgent care clinic in Baxter, Minn.

I love urgent care.

I’m sharing this personal story because it’s the #1 reason why I love urgent care. My family has visited urgent care clinics on several occasions over the years for more typical injuries and illnesses: high fevers, sore throats, sports injuries, abdominal pain and fractures. The clinic most convenient for us is Ridgeview’s Urgent Care in Chaska, but whatever location is best for you, it’s great having access to immediate care without needing an appointment for those unexpected medical needs. That’s the beauty of urgent care.   

Now, two years after my fish hook incident, I’m still not an expert on how to remove a fish hook from a finger, but I can provide some solid advice on what to do if this happens to you—visit your nearest urgent care clinic. We should all enjoy the wonderful outdoor activities our Minnesota seasons have to offer and it’s reassuring to know we have a strong heath care system—and convenient options—to take care of us when the unexpected happens.

Medical and health information presented here is intended to be general in nature, and should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice. Please consult with a health care professional for all matters relating to personal medical and health care issues. In case of an emergency, please call 911. 

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