Kindness, compassion and intuition often influence others to join the health industry and return to Ridgeview

Posted by Ridgeview Staff on Mar 27, 2018 1:39:05 PM

ErinandBecky2017.jpgThe kindness, compassion and intuition Erin Jones experienced as a young patient at Ridgeview Medical Center more than a decade ago inspired her to become a nurse.  In 2017, she had the opportunity to meet the nurse who inspired her, but this time as a peer, together at work.

At age 11, Jones was a patient at Ridgeview after developing a kidney infection. She needed intravenous antibiotics and was terrified of receiving her first IV. Her pediatric nurse, Becky Vos, RN, reassured her and completely distracted her so she didn’t feel the IV go in. “I thought she was super woman,” Jones said. Vos kept Jones calm by telling her stories about her time in nursing school when she and her fellow nursing students practiced placing IVs in each other.

Vos’ kindness and her stories about nursing school had a big impact on Jones. She wrote Ridgeview a letter of thanks at the time but couldn’t remember her nurse’s name, just her kind face and caring nature. She decided she wanted to be a pediatric nurse because of her experience at Ridgeview. “I wanted to be just like Becky,” Jones said.  

After graduating with a nursing degree from St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, Jones was hired at Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota. After five years at Children’s, she applied to Ridgeview.

“My goal as a nurse is based on my experience. It’s about how I make my patients feel. That’s what they remember,” Jones said. When she interviewed at Ridgeview, she shared her story of inspiration. Jones decided that if hired she was going to try to find the nurse who inspired her.

“As nurses, we see patients at their worst and then we see them walk out the door,” Vos said. “It’s a comfort to take care of friends and family members, and it absolutely touched my heart when Erin found me and told me her story.”

Vos said the opportunity to reconnect with Jones and hear her story of inspiration was very flattering. “I don’t like the limelight, but it reaffirms that I was meant to be a nurse,” Vos added.

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